The 20 Most Important Tools Every Style Professional Must Own – FREE Checklist

Have you ever started a trip and felt like you forgot something at home?

I know, I’m definitely guilty of driving back home to check-on a few things.

Recently, I made a list of resources I wish I had earlier in my journey as a style professional. The items included:

  1. A checklist of essential tools for client appointments;
  2. More guidance on how to convert prospects into clients;
  3. How to charge my worth;

Of course there were more topics, but for now, I’ll stop here. I decided to use the list of resources to create “gifts” (aka freebies) to enhance your chances of being successful style professionals.

Click on image to DOWNLOAD the FREE Checklist of the 20 Most Important Tools Every Style Pro Must Own

Click on image to DOWNLOAD the FREE Checklist of the 20 Most Important Tools Every Style Pro Must Own

So here’s the first gift. It’s a checklist of common tools I’ve taken to client appointments. They’re also the tools I use the most often. This is why I consider them The 20 Most Important Tools Every Style Professional Must Own – FREE Checklist. Click on the image below to open your gift to see which items you already own and which ones you might need to buy.

Let me know if you find the checklist helpful. Enjoy!

How Blogging Has Changed My Life


2 purple how blogging has changeed

Running a business is impossible without building relationships that are based on trust. One of the ways you can start building relationships with prospective clients and partners is to blog about your values and interests in becoming a personal style pro. It’s a simple tactic that allows your potential audience to get to know you before they consider hiring you. So consider blogging as an effective vehicle to connect and lay a foundation for future relationships with your audience.

Now even though blogging is a simple tactic, it can be challenging to consistently post and reveal details about your life. Recently, I met Deanna Koens through a private Facebook group. Deanna has been blogging for over a year. When I visited her blog, which is called SMEAR, I was impressed by the blog’s organization, crispness and overall design. I was also impressed with her consistency and frequency of posting. blogger yellow

When I was researching to start the StylistModi blog, I read about word counts and writing skill requirements. I was intimidated by these requirements. Then I realized the requirements are actually guidance. Deanna proves you simply need to have the desire to share your thoughts and ideas. And you can make your point quickly and succintly. She wrote a brief post about how blogging has changed her life, which is an inspirational but yet authentic explanation for why she blogs and how blogging has empowered her to feel more confident. You can read her blog post at the following link How Blogging Has Changed My Life by Deanna Koens.

I hope you gain inspiration from Deanna’s focus on blogging. Instead of being intimidated, simply focus on why you want to become a personal style professional and how you want to help people. From there the blogging topics and how to convey your ideas will come to life.

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No Ugly Clothes

No ugly clothes #2

This is a common question I get from newer style professionals: How do I tell my client that their clothes are ugly? The short is: You don’t tell any client their clothes are ugly.

What’s beautiful, pretty or ugly are individual observations that are subject to an observers opinion. As professionals, we must strive to create a safe space where our clients can be vulnerable especially as they share their fears and insecurities.

This is why it’s important to focus on the client’s desired outcomes or goals for an appointment. Assess whether or not they have the right wardrobe, makeup or image tools to achieve their goals. Evaluate whether or not their clothes fit and flatter their body type and if they have the right tools to be perceived as needed. By focusing on the desired outcomes of your client you’ll provide objective feedback which are related to their goals. This type of approach assures your client’s feelings will not get hurt. And as bonus, your client will experience you as a kind and classy style professional, which is important for establishing long term client relationships.

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